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Since the founding of WTI we have focused on quick access to scientific-technological information.

We are a leading provider of application-oriented knowledge and practice-oriented research results for academia and industry. WTI is not part of a publishing company, thus we work fully independently while providing you with a complete scope of certified and reliable contents. Which project are you currently working on?



Take the shortcut. WTI leads you directly to the content that is relevant for you. Gather the central contents of a knowledge source in a few minutes. Use our intelligent tools for further analysis. Here you will find exactly the relevant knowledge that is essential to your company, research activities or studies.


With our Thesaurus "Technik und Management" (TEMA) we deliver the most extensive structured collection of current terminology about technology and product-oriented Management in German and English.mehr ...

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Simply delegate your information research, evaluation and processing to us. We will provide you with “ready to use” information packages. mehr ...